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Why the ING?

The Industrial Network Group is the only networking group with a sole focus on the industrial market.  We believe the opportunity to join a chapter and to develop close relationships with other industrial professionals is priceless! 

We have 3 core beliefs on why you should join the ING:

#1) To increase your sales force - not your payroll.

#2) Have the ability to offer more solutions to your customer.

#3) Members have no competitors within their chapter.

About the ING

The Industrial Network Group is an exclusive group of industrial professionals with many chapters located throughout the United States.  The purpose of every ING chapter is to execute the following for our members:

# 1) Build the Members' Network.

# 2) Improve Members' Sales Skills.

# 3) Increase Members' knowledge of active industrial projects in the member's area.

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ING is here to Support you:

  • Andrea Sipka, General Manager:, Chapter Support for Coordinators, Members, Prospective Members and Sponsors. Operational leadership for ING Corporate.
  • Shea Simmons, Accounting Manager:, Member applications (replacements, renewals, cancellations), member invoices, reimbursements, website coordinator.
  • Beth Johnson, Events Coordinator:, Manages and confirms all meeting and event details, text reminders, and event registration emails.  Sends lead lists and registration check-in sheets prior to meetings.  Receives and tracks updated registration check-in sheets.
  • Paul Dunn, Membership Supports new member nominations, identifies additional prospective members while working to fill open sectors in all chapters.  
  • Travis Harrison, Media Manager: Supports and produces social media, videos, and guest speakers.

Our Sponsors

To become or to learn more about our Sponsors, please email:

      For More Information:  

   P.O. Box 334 Reidville, South Carolina 29375

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